• Where did you meet?
  • What happened and how did you feel after first being introduced?
  • When was your first date or when did you first feel a spark?

These three questions are the foundation of every love story. Consider the parts of your relationship that make it yours. That means elaborating with specific details—that’s what makes your How We Met special. Remember, you’re sharing your story with your friends and family.

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About Us / Our Story

Your ‘About Us’ section is an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with your partner and give your guests some insight into your journey so far. If you’ve been together for a while, some guests might have no idea how and where your relationship actually began!

Don’t be afraid to add humor to your wedding website in your Our Story examples. For instance, this could be a funny anecdote about how you met or how your relationship evolved. Did your first meeting stem from miscommunication and end up with your two worlds colliding serendipitously? Were you both caught in a downpour? Missed a flight and met in the airport bar? Think of the parts of your story that make you smile. Those are the parts that will make your guests smile, too.

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True love stories never have endings.

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